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Media Arts

Media Arts - Course Information

Media Arts 9/10

Media Arts 9 is an introductory course designed to develop media literacy and allow students to explore multi-media production, always with an audience in mind. Students will be involved in analyzing the form and content of media, its influence on culture and society, and creating projecs with a variety of technologies. The areas of focus will be image creation and manipulation, video, animation and interactivity. Media Arts 10 shares these objectives while introducing new design applications to enhance student portfolios.

Media Arts 11

This course addresses the development of technical skill, creative expressions and communication in printed and dynamic imagery, animation, web page creation, film and video, and sound production. Students will study the history of media arts technologies, analyze the impact of these mass media forms in society, and explore career options. The development of a portfolio is an integral part of this course.

*This course meets both the Applied Skills and the Fine Arts 11 requirements.

Media Arts 12

This course is designed for more advanced study of film and video, as well as possibilities available with multimedia technologies (visual, audio and for the web) as outlined for Media Arts 11. Students will be required to propose and complete independent projects during term 2 that showcase their skills, knowledge and creative abilities in studied areas. The development of a portfolio is an integral part of this course.

Photography 11

This course introduces students to digital photography (the Mac lab is our darkroom) and includes technical and creative components. It will encourage students to explore contexts, while discovering the expressive possibilities through much experimentation.

Photography 12

This course builds on Photography 11. Students will study developments in photography, understand and apply the element and principles of design in photographic production and digital photography, develop a portfolio of personal work and explore career options.